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Security Surveillance


Continental Solutions Inc.(CSI) is Headquartered in Alexandria, Virginia and Founded in 1994. CSI takes great pride in providing security services to assist our clients with their goals and objectives concerning their facilities.  We increase productivity through effective training, dependable & dedicated service, professional advice, and quality workmanship.  CSI reduces internal operating costs by cross-training employees, sticking to target market and core capabilities, and utilizing tracking and dispatching system to respond quickly.  As a result of our daily operations we maintain a low overhead, effective utilization of resources for each task to reduce, cost and materials.  CSI is committed to investing resources to succeed in the industry. 



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Force Protection

Specializing in design and installation of Force Protection Projects. Chain-link/Ornamental Fence, Pop-up Bollards, Vehicle Gates, Guard Stations, Video Surveillance.

  • State of the Art Security Systems: Specializing in  Access Control, CCTV, Fire Alarms, Parking Control, Telephone Entry, Emergency Telephone and Intercom systems, 24 hr monitoring and Security Alarms.

  • Audio/Visual Services: Provide design and installation service for state of the art audio/visual systems for high end commercial clients.

  • Voice/Data/CATV: Provides design and installation service for outside plant, inside plant wiring for voice/data/CATV. 


CSI Quality Control Program ensures that all services meet time standards and the required acceptable level of service as defined by our clients.  CSI quality control plan is designed to ensure that all tasks exceed the defined acceptable level of performance.  We accomplish this by:

  • Utilizing current technology to improve efficiency and control

  • Using trained qualified and motivated employees

  • Providing personnel at the site with clear work instructions and an identification of the performance standards, which he/she is expected to meet

  • Providing adequate supervision of work-in-progress

  • Inspecting completed tasks for quality compliance

  • Requiring the correction of any discrepancies found

We customize a detailed quality control system for each contact.  At a minimum the following items will be included:

  • A method for identifying deficiencies in quality

  • An identification of the areas to be inspected and at what frequency/schedule

  • A method for capturing quality control records and files

  • The establishment of CSI custodian to maintain all quality control records and files



The Corporate Staff will provide the administrative and technical support to ensure efficient contract performance.  The Contract Administrator and management staff will ensure that all subcontracting agreements are reviewed and audited regularly to determine the effectiveness of subcontractor support to CSI.  Our goal is to consistently evaluate our in-house performance as well as the performance and efficiencies of our subcontractors. 

This audit which will be conducted by the corporate technical and administrative staff will include, but are not limited to:

  • Ensuring performance is in compliance with contract provisions

  • Determining that operating procedures, contract directives and governing regulations adhere to requirements

  • Ensuring that cost and accountability controls are in place

  • Ensuring operations, including both labor and material resources, are efficient and effective

  • Ensuring optimum allocation of management and supervisory resources

  • Ensuring that all necessary and proper authorizations for deviations and/or approvals are obtained

  • Ensuring that adequate transaction documentation is maintained

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